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About Harter Aerospace

Harter Aerospace is an approved global component and accessory overhaul and repair station, specializing in commercial aircraft accessories.

Harter Aerospace is comprised of strong technical and engineering support teams. The hallmarks of the Arizona based company are reflected in our associates' focus, tenacity, and attention to detail with a strong commitment to customer service.

Our facilities are equipped with a full range of state-of-the-art testing systems that are 100 percent compatible with OEM testing equipment. Every component inspected, repaired or overhauled, fulfills our customers' stringent requirements. Additionally, each unit we return to our customer is delivered with a full warranty and maximum satisfaction.

Harter's professional technicians follow every movement of your components through the repair and overhaul process via a custom-designed tracking system, which enables us to provide real-time status reports (updated every fifteen min.) 24 hours a day.

The tracking system provides a focused management process that enables us to update the status of your component's work scope and report on any relevant issues, while helping to ensure excellent turn-times through a priority flagging process.

In addition to our maintenance services, Harter Aerospace offers a highly experienced engineering consulting team for our clients.

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