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About Us

K2M-Global specializes in providing tailor made and cost effective solution services for the aviation industry.
K2M-Global’s Vision is:


  • Working together with the customer to provide the optimum solution for their needs.

  • Providing professional and quality services to our customers.

  • Meeting our customers business goals.

Leading in customized comprehensive partnership services.
K2M-Global focuses on providing an extensive range of Aircraft Component Services.

We specialize in the supply and repair of a wide range of aircraft components:


  • Exchange components.

  • Leasing components.

  • Power-by-the-hour(PBH).

  • Flat rate repair programs.

K2M-Global offers 24 hour service; meeting global demands through its unrivalled sourcing capabilities, repair and overhaul services.

Aircraft Design
Airplane Engine
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Private Aircraft
Plane in the Sky
plane wings
Airplane Wing
Aircraft Hanger
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